Boy, how the time flies….

Well folks, the time has come (and gone) for my first week at university. It’s been five days since I left the ever-so-small town of Carleton Place, Ontario and made the four hour trip to the big city – no, I don’t mean Ottawa, I mean a world-class city. Like Toronto. I think I should have known how ready I was to leave when my van was packed two days before departure.

I guess I’m supposed to be all lost and confused here, with all the people, traffic, and constant movement. It definitely is a massive change from a town whose center was arguably Tim Hortons, and where the more…  hmm, creative people found refuge in a lonely Starbucks – the smallest location for a Starbucks store yet (true fact, my town of 9000 has a claim to history and greatness in overcoming its numbers to gain an internationally renowned coffeehouse, woop-woop!). I am definitely not having some existential moment, wondering who I am in a lonely residence room. In fact, if anything, I’m more myself than ever before.

There’s a lot of things I miss. I miss my coworkers, each and every one of them (shoutout to AW, BW, MM, LL, SL, PA and all the rest). I miss that Starbucks where I spent so many late nights doing project upon project, and I miss all the baristas who served me drink after drink. I did think baristas were supposed to limit your drink intake, but I guess after multiple shots of expresso and venti Caramel Macchiatos (non-fat, extra-hot) they just let me have my way. Of course there are those friends that I leave behind, but I’m sure they’ll crash in residence from time to time! There are of course the dozens I needed to get away from, mostly in order to get over the drama that arises in a small school high school. Perhaps the distance of over four hundred kilometers will be enough to forget; one can only hope.

Going to put up some pictures of my room and the campus!



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