First Impressions

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Nick Chaloux, and I am seventeen years old. Once upon a time I lived in a small town called Carleton Place, a short drive out of Ottawa on the intersection of Highway 7 and Highway 15. Like every small town, it could be dull, monotonous, boring, drab, and exclusive if you weren’t in the right group. Nowadays, I’ve moved to Toronto for university. My ultimate dream is to work as a representative of Canada in foreign countries, as a diplomat, so I’m studying International Studies at Glendon College, a separate campus of York University. As a residence member, I’ve enveloped myself in a cocoon of IKEA and self-brewed coffee (as well as candles, but don’t tell Housing Authority), which I hope will make studying for assignments and exams oh-s0-much more comfortable.

I am among the top fans for several famous female celebrities – Taylor Swift and Emma Stone are my absolute favorites of all time, to the extent that I would likely die from heart failure if I said one word to either of them, as well as Lady Gaga and Rihanna – and am an avid follower of Canadian and World Affairs. I can tell what you’re thinking – a 17 year old boy, fascinated with preteen girl music and film icons, and at the same time interested in the happenings of the adult world?! IMPOSSIBLE! … Well I assure you, it is quite possible, but I will admit that in comparison to other 17 to 18 year old boys I have known, I’m weird. If you’re reading my blog, though, I would assume you’ve moved beyond those atrocities to the mainstream view of a boy and become genuinely interested in me and my life. Yay! Too much? Probably.

I’m thrilled that I’m of interest of you, and I’m honoured you’re reading my blog! I look forward to sharing my experiences at Glendon with you, and, depending on how the next few weeks pan out, maybe my experiences balancing several different values and responsibilities.



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