The After Frosh Crash

So it’s been a while since I have updated my blog, due to the wonder that is Frosh Week. I cannot think of many weeks that can compare to it, so it’s joining    the list of life moments that I’ll remember forever, alongside Experienca Dominicana and the Grade 11 trip to France.

Frosh week started almost two weeks ago, and it seems like it lasted forever. It is definitely the most exciting and important social opportunity to take as a first year student. Taking part in it not only gets you a bunch of free Glendon stuff, like t-shirts and water bottles, but lets you meet a bunch of other first years who are just as excited to meet people as you are! On top of this, you can meet and talk to, and potentially even become friends with, some of the upper years who run the week as D-Frosh. This can be really important, as often they can offer advice on programs, maintaining a social life, and might even be able to get you into different events and opportunities that you might have missed out on.

I was part of Black Team for the week (#blackteamswag!!!!), where I met an entirely new group of people that I hadn’t met at Jumpstart. The old adage, that Frosh is where you can meet the friends that will be your friends for the rest of your life, turns out to be true. As the unofficial Black Team manwh*re, I got to meet a lot of people that I might not have met otherwise, who I now go for coffee with, study with, attend class with, eat with, and otherwise spend my life with. On top of this, our D-Frosh were straight up amazing, especially our first, Satyam, who kept our team together and enthusiastic.

The week took us all over Toronto – including a downtown scavenger hunt, two huge parties at Keele Campus (it’s actually only scary at night!) two awesome pub nights at Glendon, a trip to Wasaga Beach (my skin is still peeling: #whiteboyproblems), a cheer off at a Blue Jays game, karaoke, an excursion to Wonderland, and, my personal favorite, CASINO NIGHT! One can’t forget stargazing either. In short, you’re going non stop for nine days, do awesome things you may have never done before with people you barely know, working through exhaustion to out-tweet other teams, and coming out of it a connected team and, I think, a better person individually.

There are so many firsts for me this week that moved me beyond high school. Since high school for me wasn’t the best experience, and was filled more with missed opportunities than anything else, it was awesome to have the chance to do and try anything I wanted. I wore tights for the first time. I ‘frolicked’ on Bay Street. I took awkward photos in the back of the bus. I partied in a field in middle of the woods. Essentially, I did everything I would have wanted to do in high school in one week.

To all my co-frosh people, I hope your week was as awesome as mine! Particularly Kafela, Ebony, Kelita, Lindsay, Susi, Corisa, Gen, Jenn, Szylvia, Sara, Mikhaela, Myron, Mac, Kaela, Mika, Anne-Marie, Satyam, Cassidy, and Dre, and everyone else! And for those of you who haven’t experienced Frosh, don’t underestimate the power of tutorials to meet new people – I already have more new besties with Iris, Cassie and Tiffany in French ❤

Update on classes next!



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