Me Gusta el Otoño

Heyya. Its been… oh, something like two weeks since I’ve written a blog post, and I can’t even claim to have been overwhelmingly busy or doing something remotely interesting. Did I fall off the face of the earth, go on a trip, become a negligent delinquent, get backlogged in school work? Nope, my laptop just decided to mess the hell up and be sent halfway to California. Thank you, HP. Never again.


In the meantime, summer has finally left the outdoors and unwelcomely made itself home in C and D Haus Wood. The heat in both houses rarely falls below 25 degrees… and that’s with windows and doors flung open, fans chugging away, and refrigerators left open trying to cool it down. Doesn’t Housing know you can only take off so many layers?

Not that the heat bothers me much. Fall is the time of year where I will rarely be found inside willingly. It’s kind of the only time my country origins really come out in full, when (God forbid) you’ll find me with some country on my iPhone, a bizarre urge to have campfires and roast marshmallows, an acceptance of high calorie Salted Caramel anything, and sometimes even a dash of plaid. But it’s also because my main woman feels the same way about it as I do: Taylor Swift & Fall

There’s something about the season for me, something that goes deeper  than the fact that the weather is perfect, you can layer and clothing looks most attractive, and Starbucks brings back its best drinks. Fall seems to me to be a quite, introspective season, more so than winter. It’s a time when time is best spent by yourself, or with only the people closest to you. It’s a time of endings and goodbyes, of the slow descent into cold, dark winter: the leaves change colour, as their life ends, and the trees are bare.  But something in this time is really special for me.

Erosion’s more fun up close.

To me (and this is going to be either really corny and stupid to some of you, and potentially really cute to others) fall is like a last stand. Nature knows winter is coming, and is preparing to burrow in. But before the chill sets in, the entire world outside explodes in the most beautiful colours. It’s slow decay, the inevitable end, but its defiant and all the more beautiful. Like everything else living, there is beauty and meaning in the end of something – in the final moments before the departure – and for me, this moment, so perfectly captured in the few weeks of fall colour, is my favourite time to live in.

I took some time today to cross the Don River on campus (to the side you’re really not supposed to access) and I felt the same way. The entire forest is decaying and eroding away over there (the signs are actually telling the truth, and there is a restoration action in progress, but for the moment its mildly dangerous). Huge and ancient trees have been washed down the hill, stone walls have sank into the ground, the hillside is pretty much mud and the pathways once open to students now, where they are still intact, often snake alongside 40 foot drops. The whole scene is sad, depressing, but its all carpeted in the colours and beauty of fall – and it is just as magnificent, if not more so, in the final moment before the end.

And this would be when I fell down the hill. Awks.

Compare that hillside and those trees to you and I. They’ve been here for centuries and now they’re being swept away in comparable seconds. Every fall I’m reminded of how short our lives really are – and I’m determined to make my life the most memorable, meaningful and beautiful it can be before the end. Sure that sounds grim, but I think its really important to take the time to sit back and really evaluate your life and your choices. There is always some opportunity or way you can add more to your life, and become more of the person you have always wanted to be. The truer to yourself you are in public and with the people around you, the brighter and better your life will be.

So, to lighten this up a bit, I’m going to leave you with this thought: Glendon is an absolutely, astonishing-ly gorgeous place in fall. I’ve seen glimpses of it in winter, spring and summer, but Fall is growing to be my favourite. I can guarantee you will find me as close to the trees and leaves as possible, with a pumpkin spice latte, ideally, and Taylor Swift on my phone.

Starbucks, the outdoors, orange-y colours. Love.

Have a great fall, y’all.


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