Taylor Swift and Other Things

So as you know, I am absolutely and ridiculously obsessed with Taylor Swift. It’s kinda one of those unhealthy addictions that I should probably get over sometime or other, but she’s just so DAMN ADORABLE. Let me clarify: my obsession with Taylor Swift is not a hide-in-corners, creep-your-pictures, steal-your-things-and-worship-them kind of obsession; it is deep admiration for everything she goes about doing and, at some level, the feeling that she would be my friend if ever I met her.

So, yeah, maybe its a tad creepy.

But how can you not love her???

Anyways, its been a busy week for her. Red was released on Monday (I got it early due to my awesome internet ninja skills) and I stayed up til midnight Sunday to get the bonus songs on the album. I had stayed up with friends the last four Monday nights after Spanish class at makeshift Taylor Swift parties, waiting for each single to come out, and loving each more than the last. When I got the album, I freaked out and phoned half my friends, and then stayed up until 3AM in defiance of my 9AM class in the morning. Point being: I have sacrificed my health, sleep and apparently sanity to be the first at Glendon to have her music.

And then I would run around telling everyone about it, playing it in washrooms, showers, quads, and even classes.

This one is one of my absolute favorite cute Taylor Swift songs 😀

The magical thing about Taylor Swift is that her music is relatable to everyone. Even the people you run into who say “maybe she’s the problem” or “all her songs sound the same” have one of her songs that they can connect to, though they wouldn’t admit it themselves. Sometimes the people you least expect will tweet you her latest video, because not a single person would ever hate Taylor Swift. You  have to love her. She has this talent of writing songs that every person can relate to some situation or person in their life – and that’s what makes them so special. Her songs, while maybe not being the deepest or most meaningful in the world, can resonate with the listener based on their own lives.

I myself am the type that loves sad depressing music because it’s so much more meaningful – and Taylor’s got that. I’m the guy who sits in his room with coffee and rain on the windows listening to Dear John, You’re Not Sorry, White Horse, and now All Too Well (you can listen to that below) and The Moment I Knew. I love love love sad songs, and she has them. You can make the soundtrack to your entire relationship life with Taylor Swift – falling in love, cute love, heartbreak, sadness, new love – and its better and better every time.

On top of that, Taylor Swift and I have a connection. We both adore cats. Like, a lot. Hers is named Meredith. I follow her on Twitter. Mine is named Gidget. If ever Taylor Swift and I meet up, it will probably include our cats. And baking! Both of us love baking, especially around the holidays. Fall is our favorite season (here’s proof) for that reason, and guess what: WE ADORE PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES.

And we both love Starbucks

So, Taylor, if you ever read this, here’s what I propose we do. It would have to be in the fall, like October, so we could go get Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. Then we could go to one of our respective houses and bake stuff for our friends, and give them to people, while our cats bond and love each other and then we can take pictures of them and instagram it. We could then walk through the autumn woods together and it would be adorable, and then maybe years after you could write a song about your Canadian fan.

But then that’s approaching creepiness again. Sorry.

She also keeps it classy all the time. She knows how to keep her personal life to herself and has an awesome presence in public. I respect her for that. It’s a nice contrast to some other singers young people look up to that have went a very different way. Koodos to you,T-Swift.

So yes, I love Taylor Swift. And how did I choose to show that? On top of staying up for all her music, I chose to dress up as her for Halloween Pub Night, one of the best at Glendon of the year. It’s kinda hard, seeing as I’m not a woman, but I think I pulled it off.

Close enough, right?

In short, Taylor Swift can do no wrong in my eyes. I adore her. I hope one day she sees this post! And I hope you understand my obsession with her a little bit more now. In the meantime, I think it’s time to add a new title to my position – I’m Glendon’s local T-Swift Ambassador, and I’ll be seeing you at the Rogers Centre June 15th to see her 😀

– Nick

PS: Here’s some more pictures of my Halloween costume!

Jodie & I

Mina & I!

Gen & I!

Bri & I!


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