The End of Year One… Almost

Hey everyone! After about a month of no posts, I think it’s time to bring it back. Over the last month I’ve had the chance to start meeting some of you at Glendon, and I’ll probably be seeing more of you in the coming month at course enrollment appointments. I’ve also been up to some random and interesting things which I wanted to share. Also, I may or may not be roasting marshmallows over a gigantic candle in res while I’m writing this – try it at home, it is my new favourite and delicious pastime.

Delicious cakes at Breakfast? Of course!

Delicious cakes at Breakfast? Of course!

So a while back my friend Anisha and I decided we want to make ourselves a rolling habit of going for brunch together. Our first brunch was at this cheap eatery on Bloor & Spadina, Futures. This place literally has THE BEST CAKES I’VE HAD YET IN TORONTO. If you’re in Toronto, check it out sometime before I find somewhere else to rant and rave about :p. Francette & I have decided this summer to find the best patio in Toronto, so you can look forward to that over the next few months 🙂

New found employee of Starbucks - in Target!

New found employee of Starbucks – in Target!

One of the big things that’s happened over the last bit (and one of the reasons my posts have been non-existent) has been my new job at Starbucks in Target (or as I call it, Starget). Let me tell you, I’ve been trying to get into Starbucks for over a year, and almost got in back in my hometown. When I was looking in Toronto, I couldn’t find one willing to hire me until I drove all the way down to Toronto in December for this interview. Now I’ve started the job and I absolutely love it. I look forward to going to work, which is a rare thing, indeed. Working at Starbucks is an excellent student job with a lot of perks to it – I would recommend it to anyone.


Lady Gaga’s last show

I’ve also been to two concerts in the last month, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball and P!nk’s The Truth About Love Tour. Both were amazing shows, but (surprisingly, considering my love for Gaga) P!nk’s takes the win hands down. Gaga is all about the show, the glitz and glamour, and her stage and songs focus on that. It’s not to say she doesn’t sing well, her vocals are fantastic, but their’s a certain distance between her and the audience as a result of all the glamour. P!nk, on the other hand, is raw, amazing talent. One second she’s swinging across the stadium on a rope, the next on an acoustic guitar – and the entire while she’s hitting every note. She’s humble, funny and an amazing acrobat, and her show blew me away. I went with Francette to Gaga and introduced her to that world, and took my friend Jodie to P!nk. Now I can’t wait for Taylor Swift in June.

P!nk came to Toronto and rocked the ACC!

P!nk came to Toronto and rocked the ACC!

Over the next bit I’ll be writing four exams and finally finishing my first year. I’m excited for this summer to get a chance to catch up on myself again, to rake in some cash, and hopefully improve my French. I”m not going home for a few reasons, but by far the biggest is that my life is in Toronto now. My friends, my job, my relationship, almost everything I care about is here, and I’m not willing to leave that for four months of boredom in Carleton Place. As I’m talking to all you students coming in, I see the same excitement to get out in a lot of your words, and I’m honestly so excited for you guys to get here. It’s a whole new world to explore yourself and have a new start – a start a lot of the time we need desperately.

Candles and Marshmallows: A Marvelous Combination!

Candles and Marshmallows: A Marvelous Combination!

I’m getting distracted by my marshmallows though, so I’m gonna sign off. I’ll update again next week on planning out my courses for next year, and with some hints for course selections for first year in the fall.

– N


One thought on “The End of Year One… Almost

  1. Futures is honestly one of my favourite places in Toronto. You can go there for pretty much any meal, or just for drinks, and they’ve always got something good!

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