Goodbye Glendon!! (for the summer)

Summer comes early for university students. W’e’re all done before May has even started, beating the warm weather by far. As nice as it was to get out of school early, I must say that the last month-ish has been about as relaxing, peaceful and fun as it’s been summery – in other words, not at all.

I guess I shouldn’t complain, many worse things have happened and I’ve been taking a lot of steps towards being an independent adult. But a bunch of things have come together over the last bit to make a perfect storm of stress, frustration, loneliness and confusion that I haven’t had to deal with since high school. Parts of it I want to address in a post coming up soon, but for now I want to give you one paragraph of negativity before I focus on what’s next for me:

Let this apartment building symbolize all that rage cuz it's responsible for half of it.

Let this apartment building symbolize all that rage cuz it’s responsible for half of it.





^ There ya go. All that lovely, cap-locked negativity is what’s been harassing my head for the last bit every time I have a second to myself,  and has really been dragging me down. I took a bit of a break to Kingston to see my family and get some rest, and I’m ready to get back in the game this summer and take it by the horns, so to speak. I thought I’d start by this lovely revitalization of my blog, which I hope you guys like, to try to modernize/clean things up a bit. I’m gonna talk about some of the mess up there and figure it out on my own time, because I’ve decided over the last week that this summer has got to be about me first.

So looking forward to being here.

So looking forward to being here.

I’m definitely most excited about getting my own apartment to myself this summer. My cat’s finally going to be able to join me in Toronto, which excites me just that tad too much that makes me worry I’m going to end up a crazy cat.. man in my old age. Having a brand new kitchen, that I can take care of myself, and my own space away from school and work and the drama of roommates is going to be really beneficial for me.

Running always calms me down, and with new shoes, I can get back at it.

Running always calms me down, and with new shoes, I can get back at it.

I started in the apartment I’m in now, but cooking for myself again and moving off of res food is going to be great for my energy levels and my health. Along with running, cooking is one of my biggest destressers, and something I never had the chance to do on res. I’ve made a lot of promises to myself this summer, but one I really intend to keep is to focus on my personal and mental health. I want to start next year feeling refreshed and great about myself, and this summer is my chance to get there.

Healthy living, healthy food, and OMNOM IS THAT ASPARAGUS!?

Healthy living, healthy food, and OMNOM IS THAT ASPARAGUS!?

I’m looking forward to staying at Starbucks. It might be stressful at times, and dealing with the commute has been a pain – this new apartment promises to take that out of it. It’s not often you get a job you understand and enjoy so much, and as sad as it may sound, I actually really enjoy creating inspired moments behind the bar. I’m still gonna work on getting into the corporate side, but my job is still one of the best things for me right now.

Frap Rush was both tiring and exhilarating

Frap Rush was both tiring and exhilarating

Because there’s so much I’m worrying about for next year, this summer is really a chance for me to get in tune with myself, fall into my own rhythm and get my balance back. The challenge will be keeping that into the school year, but I’ve been figuring out stuff about myself for the last year and it’s time to start applying it to my life. Coming out was one step, for example, but figuring out what kind of man I want to be, and whether I feel like it fits me to phrase it as a gay man, is something that takes longer. I’m hoping to process this summer. Glendon has given me the social space to experiment and grow – being away from it gives me the time to learn and process from those choices and make better, more mature ones next year.

I’m excited for Season Five of Glee, and watching the other seasons ALL OVER AGAIN FOR THE FIFTH TIME. Glee has surprising impacted me a lot so expect a post on that one, too. 🙂

As much as I love Glee, it's just not gonna be the same without Brittany :(

As much as I love Glee, it’s just not gonna be the same without Brittany 😦

I’m excited for my summer bucket list, all the wild things I want to fit in.

And I’ m excited to share it all with you; whether you’re coming to Glendon at the start of the year; looking for #GL2018; or just a friend reading up on me. If you have any questions for me over the summer, my info hasn’t changed and is still on my About tab.

And if you have any idea you want me to look into writing about, forward those to me too!

– Nick


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Glendon!! (for the summer)

  1. Nick! Wow.. You’re so honest about your feelings, that’s commendable buddy.. I really hope things for you get as pretty and as amazing as you are:)

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