Frosh = Empowerment

I’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately from some of y’all newbies asking about Frosh Week. I know there’s been a few posts on the subject already, like Gillian the O-Chair’s or Sarah’s, or even my original one, but I wanted to share my own perspective on why Frosh week was so great in my year and why it’s going to be the best way to start your year as well. I could point out the events we’re doing as proof, but I think that the better reasons are just a tad bit deeper and more emotional (which is what I like to think I’m all about) and worthy of sharing with everyone.

Let me just say there are many legitimate reasons to be worried for Frosh week. It’s pretty easy to think of them off the top of your head – new city, new school, new people, potentially awkward social experiences, a lot of the older students there watching you, first impressions, the impending worry of schoolwork, missing friends, family and your hometown, travelling around the biggest city in Canada, going to events with students WHO DON’T EVEN GO HERE, and god-don’t-get-me-started on looking good during an essentially non-stop Frosh Week. How’s that for a load of nerves and negativity?

Random crowds of people. How's that for nerve-wracking?

Random crowds of people. How’s that for nerve-wracking?

Thing is, everyone is in the same boat when you get to Glendon for the first day. It’s a new life for everyone around you and, maybe for one of the only times in your life, you are put at an equal starting point with everyone around you. There’s no cliques, reputations, histories, past relationships, personal trauma and lord-knows-what holding you back. It’s the first chance after high school to make a completely new name for yourself, and I would highly recommend taking it.

What we tend to do as humans is be overly focused on the negative. It’s a basic fact that negativity and pessimism are, at their very nature, ways to keep us feeling safe and secure. Putting up a wall of negative thoughts, whether they be ‘I can’t go to the dance party on that night because I can’t dance’ or ‘I can’t really open up to the people around me because they’d judge me if I did’ (both thoughts are ones I was guilty of during Frosh Week last year) inherently tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough to do what scares us, not strong enough to face what has hurt us, and not bold enough to take the opportunities that are given to us.

Frosh brings you and your team together!

Frosh brings you and your team together!

That’s why I think Frosh Week could be summed up with the word empowerment. Don’t waste your energy worrying about it and use that energy to try and do all the tings you might not have had the chance to do before, and might not ever again! The people you’re surrounded with are going to be some of your best friends for the year, some of the events will show you new places in Toronto you’ve never been before, and some of the mentors pathways into groups and clubs you might not have tried out for otherwise. Frosh week is the doorway to the rest of the year.

If I can share any advice, I’d encourage you to sleep as much as you can at night, because you don’ want to miss out on any of the events during the day. Consider drinking coffee, if you don’t already, and if you do, start Red-Eyeing your coffee by throwing extra shots of espresso in. Buy glitter, in any and all colours, because one is bound to match the team colour you get and all of them make it clear you’re here to have fun. Don’t bring a heavy or expensive camera, your phone will do nicely. Don’t be surprised if plans change last minute, if you end up somewhere completely unexpected, or if your team is consistently late to absolutely everything. Lastly, don’t fall into thinking the rest of the year won’t live up to Frosh Week – especially in September, there is a full roster of events happening, so keep your schedule free. I can’t say how excited I am to share Frosh with everyone this year!

I think the fact I almost bought these for swag and considered getting piercings to actually be able to wear them would highlight exactly how thrilled I am 🙂




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