Once, one long fall ago, I wrote a post on how much I love fall, both for its dramatic colours and emotions and the baking flavours it brings every year. It’s getting closer and closer to that magical time of year – so close, in fact, that I can smell the Pumpkin Spice Latte on the breeze and the spiciness of something new – but the last weeks of summer are still ahead of me. Every year has been a new learning lesson for me each summer, a different thing I was preparing for, whether it was to go back to my last year of high school having lost sixty pounds, starting at university where I could finally find myself, or this year, where my summer preparation has been more vague and less purposed than ever before.

I can't wait for fall, the chill in the air, the muted colours, the coffee.

I can’t wait for fall, the chill in the air, the muted colours, the coffee.

This year you’re all going to find yourselves where I was last year, a little nervous, a little apprehensive, more than a little excited. You’ve made it what through too many people is the horror of the high school years. You’ve made it through years in small towns, or in the gaze of small-minded people, or in the narrow limits of your high school. Ahead of you is the huge, open opportunity of university, and all summer you’ve been preparing for it. Maybe it’s been subconscious – the slow drift away from your high school friends, the last goodbye parties, the beginning of packing up your room – and some of it may have been very, very, purposed, like networking in the #GL2017 group, losing a few pounds, buying a new outfit, etc, etc. Either way, in two weeks, your summer will be over, and you’ll be joining us at Glendon.

If you don’t feel ready, I don’t blame you. I woke up this morning feeling hungover from this summer. I’d just sent my mom and sister home the night before, spent a lonely night without them, and really felt how much I’ve been missing them in my life this summer. My finances are a deep spiraling hole of sadness, proving that living on your own (no matter what stupidity forces you into it) in Toronto is absolutely impossible and impractical unless you happen to be the type that also owns properties in Monaco and Waikiki. I couldn’t have survived this summer without my parents’ support. On top of that, I have two weeks to get into school mindset, for second year, which is sinking in and making me realize exactly how nervous I am about it again. Can I handle my jobs and school like I did last year with a bit more success?

Truth, compared to last year I have less to worry about. There’s less I’m running from. I know much more who I am, I have a support network of friends, I have new and promising things happening before and after this year’s start date. But that doesn’t mean I, like everyone else, can’t benefit from a good cleanse.

There's been a little bit too much of this going on lately.

There’s been a little bit too much of this going on lately.

So, before I jump into Frosh Week and then school, I’m starting a seven day cleanse at least. Our relationship with food is the basis on which we found our feelings about ourselves – which is why today’s been so crappy after eating a dozen cookies. I’m going to be cutting as much sugar and carbs out of my diet for a week to feel my best before school starts. When there are so many variables outside of our control, I hope to sleep as best as possible in the next week, to get my regiment as normalized as possible before Frosh Week. I feel like it makes the most sense to be one hundred percent ready in the variables we can control – like our diets, which helps us control our stress, emotions and our mind.

Summer has always been my season of change and preparation for fall, usually my favourite and most productive, happy season. I’m so excited to meet everyone face to face, to start so many new and important relationships with the people around me, and as always, to try to be the best person I can be this fall.

Time to get squeaky clean and smell good!

Time to get squeaky clean and smell good!

I’m even more pumped for you to start the adventure, too.

Put your all into it. This year is going to have so many unique and new experiences for you, and it’s crucial you keep your mind open and start feeling your best. If you want to join me on a cleanse, feel free to message me for deets – otherwise, to all my Jumpstarters, message me for coffee during that week!

For everyone coming in this year, I can’t wait to Frosh with you, and I hope I can welcome you to Glendon with the same energy and passion I found on my first week as a freshman.



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