Year Two

After a year of university, I’m coming into Year Two a different person. Surprisingly, starting second year has had just as many challenges as starting first year did, with some of the big questions being demanded of me for the second time. Unsurprisingly, my goals, my thoughts, my identity, and my circumstances have all changed dramatically over a year, which is why I’d like to take the time to reintroduce myself!

So, after a lot of stress and re-evaluation, I’d like to introduce you to me and my blog. 

I’m Nick. This is my blog Baby, Put On Heart-Shaped Sunglasses. That’s totally stolen from Lana del Rey, because I think we should try to look at the world through the happiest lenses we can, though probably 86% of the time I do the exact opposite.

This is my official best picture ever.

This is my official best picture ever.

The first thing you should know about me is that I like to think I understand my feelings a lot more than I actually do. I think emotions are great, marvelous things that we can talk about for days on end. First year Nick liked to think that his emotions justified everything, and that they could be pinned down and identified and labeled.

Second year Nick is realizing that emotions just are, and that sometimes they can be shared, and sometimes we should keep them to ourselves to process first. More often than not we share them with people who aren’t necessarily the best to help us process them. Emotions are going to come up from time to time here, so be ready for self reflection.

I'm more than a little self-absorbed.

I’m more than a little self-absorbed.

The second-most important thing about me is that I’m gay. Last year took me some time to figure this out – though it was more and more obvious throughout high school – and I didn’t always consider how trying to figure myself out would impact other people.

I’m most definitely still gay – duh – and I’m now Director of Communications for Glendon’s LGBT group (so yeah, I’m pretty good at talking to people). Sexuality is more than a label, though; there’s more to accepting yourself than just that. There’s a lot of questions about what it means for other parts of your life, especially around relationships and your character. Gayness is gonna be brought up more than a few times, and not just personally, but also around GLGBT* events, Glendon activism and Toronto’s LGBT community.

All the colours! All the inclusivity!

All the colours! All the inclusivity!

You’re gonna hear about my education. See, I was enrolled in a Double Major International Studies & Political Sciences Trilingual International Bachelor of Arts. I really wanted all those labels and recognitions, was more than a little ambitious, and joined the Glendon College Student Union and Glendon College Student Caucus. You could say I’m involved.

I’ve started to realize that all those words are a little bit crazy – though completely achievable – and also that my interests can, and did, change. That change is totally acceptable. I’m now taking a new thing that isn’t entirely labelled by York University, just to be different. It’s technically an IBA in International Studies, bilingual, with a second IBA in Urban Studies at Keele Campus the year after, but I sum it up as two degrees in five years. In other words, I’m winning. In other words, there’ll be lots about my programs and projects, and also about Glendon politics and the different clubs on campus.

Cities fascinate me.

Cities fascinate me.

Fourth thing: I like to think I’m independent, but do a iffy job about it. I lived on residence last year, repping C House Third Floor of Wood with all my friends, got two jobs, and only went home to my town of Carleton Place (Population, 9900, Starbucks Population , 1) a couple of times.

I still remember residence positively, but now I live on my own down the street from Glendon. I still work two jobs – at Starbucks and at Glendon – and I still barely get to go home. Financially, I’m only making ends meet with the help of my parents, but I like to know that I’m contributing to my education. I’m also realizing independence isn’t always that great – sometimes there’s nothing you want more than to be at home with your family, and instead you’re writing projects over Thanksgiving in another Starbucks. Becoming a young adult, moving out of home, learning to live and support yourself in Toronto – all those are still very much a part of my life and very much a part of this blog.

Taylor Swift & Running: A Combo made in Heaven

Taylor Swift & Running: A Combo made in Heaven

Lastly, you should know about my hobbies. Hobbies take on a completely different meaning throughout university, mostly because you realize that your time is budgeted towards pretty much anything else. However, I’m a fitness-orientated runner who drags himself out to do ten ks at night down the streets of Toronto three to four times a week. I’m a baker who likes to gain back that weight lost by making delicious pumpkin flavoured things and candy and chocolate. I’m a lover of music, especially alt and indie rock, but also pretty much any pop icon that isn’t Katy Perry. I like Windows Phones. I’m the type of person who likes riding the subway to a random spot to walk to wherever I’m going, so that I can see something new and take pictures of it. I am more than a mild gamer, but less than a COD-addicted Junkie. Also, I am the snobbiest, most pretentious, and most addicted Starbucks connoisseur/barista you’ll ever meet.

I’m looking forward to a new year of experiences, and I’m excited to share a much as possible with you all. To those of you a month in to university, best of luck! To those of you a month in to high school, I can’t wait to answer your questions and see you around campus over the next year. And to my family, I’m really dying to get home next weekend.



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