Highs & Lows


University is the best time of your life. It also is probably going to bring with it some of the hardest parts of your life to live through yet.

With any transition in your lifestyle you will find challenges. High school to university is no exception. You can prepare, but you can’t stop everything from happening. Some things are out of your control. It comes down to how well you can roll with the punches and how fast you can get back up on your feet to determine how successful your are in these cases. It takes strength and character.

The healing process is long. It hurts. It’s something you see or hear that pulls memories back, that sweeps your legs out from under you. It’s stress at finals compounding with terrible weather and money issues that break down your resolve.

It’s human condition to not succeed every single time.

As a student, find your supports. Know your true friends. Know what you need to do to succeed. Know what calms you down, chills you out, makes you smile – especially when nothing else is co-operating with you. Avoid what triggers bad memories.

When you’re down, don’t be ashamed to say so. Talk about it loudly and boldly. Banish stigmas. The more you talk about how you feel, the more others will. Eventually our society will grow to appreciate and address the stresses and realities of young people faced with incredible amounts of stress.

Stay strong.


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