GCSU Elections 2012

It’s come down to a week before elections, and I thought I would create a page to describe the election process to future students and to current students. Every year, and up to twice a year, the GCSU will hold elections for certain positions, including First Year Reps. The GCSU is our local Student Union, and they’re the awesome people you go see for student events, printing stuff, and pretty much any other thing you might have questions or need help about. There’s a good amount of eAmbassadors who are members of the GCSU, and so I made the decision to run for First Year Rep.

Elections run over four weeks, and voting happens to coincide roughly with the American election. Over the last few weeks posters have been printed en masse, sprung up on the walls, been torn down, been replaced, been trampled on, and so forth. I held an event to get to meet people, created an interactive black board for students to write their ideas on (which promptly disappeared) and all of us candidates gave a speech in the café.

My Campaign Banner

If you are a current student, I encourage you to vote! You can choose two First Year Reps to represent you. For future students, if you have an interest in government and are passionate about Glendon and all us students, find an opportunity to talk to some current members of the GCSU to find out how to get involved. Their website is here.

As for me, I’ve ran on Four Fs: More Fun, More Food, More Friendliness, and More French. I intend to promote more first year friendly events, with more home-made food, more French spoken, and more social friendliness all around. I believe my unique, proactive and organized campaigning reflects how I would handle being First Year Rep – I was the first to produce posters, created innovative events, and offered a way for students to offer their ideas and wants from a First Year Rep. I would be honoured to have your vote!

Here are some links to other candidates’ pages, as well as some of my campaign material:

Fezzy Azadi and her campaign page!

Myron Khan and his campaign page!

Victoria Guarnaccio and her campaign page!

Jenn Cote and her campaign page!

And finally, my campaign page!

Nick Chaloux for GCSU!


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