The Absolute Newest and Best-est Music

I would call myself a passionate lover of most music, so I’m making this section of my blog to be devoted to the music I listen to every day. The songs that come to define a moment in my life, that play in my head every time I think back to a certain place or person. The albums that are released that capture my emotions of  the last month in one CD. The artists that I subscribe to updates from, because through their words they seem to have come to understand part of my life that I can barely understand myself. That one line in a song that hits me hard, and makes me reconsider how I’ve been dealing with things in my own life. Music, having always captured the full array of human emotion and experience since the beginning of time, is first created to capture a moment or thought and then comes around to define us.

You already know my favorite singers are Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, however, there are so many more I want to share with you. I’m going to start this section off with a focus on Ke$ha’s new album, Warrior (simply because it just came out), and in the coming weeks I’ll share some of my more alternative music favs.

Ke$ha has come a long way from the brash party girl we used to know.

Ke$ha has come a long way from the brash party girl we used to know.

A lot of people don’t like Ke$ha. Mostly because of her image, which, admittedly reinforces the idea that she offers nothing deeper than the party-girl image. Criticisms of her voice and musical talent are also abundant. With the release of Warrior, however, it seems to me she’s really come into her own and matured as an artist. There still remains the songs for drunken night antics and the girl anthems, but they make no excuses for that and are going to end up where they belong, playing in some form or other at every party/dance/club you go to. Warrior shows a side of Ke$ha that many people don’t see, one that’s only been shown really in one other song. The release of an acoustic EP (Deconstructed) at the same time really showcases it.

The Harold Song (Deconstructed EP)

This song dates back to her second album, but this acoustic version is simply amazing. The Harold Song has been really close to me for a year and a bit now (at one point it was the #3 song on my most played) because it touches on the biggest fear we have: losing someone forever, the fear of ‘sleeping alone’. It really shows Ke$ha at her most vulnerable, and the emotion expressed in it is something I connect to over and over again. No matter how over someone you think you are, there are still late, lonely nights that you sit in bed alone, nights where songs like this perfectly sum up your feelings. That feeling you constantly attach to your first love,  being “drunk off nothing but each other ’til the sunrise”, is handled with such loss, and the song’s chorus captures this. The loss, the desperation, the desire to give absolutely anything to have the person you care about most back – that’s The Harold Song.

BEST LINE: “They say that true love hurts, well, this could almost kill me. Young love murdered, that is what this must be, I would give it all to not be sleeping alone”

Last Goodbye (Warrior)

Last Goodbye is like The Harold Song Version II. However, this song moves away from the heart-wrenching depressing mood of the last, and is much calmer and mature (as Ke$ha is in general). To me this song is describing what it’s like to meet someone and to have an instant, intense connection to them, even if you know it’s wrong. These relationships are the ones that were never supposed to happen, the ones that both are supposed to have moved on from… but that you just can’t. It ends up impacting everything, so that your relationship with that person is all or nothing. It hurts, but eventually you have to move on from that person, and Last Goodbye focuses on what it’s like to come to that point.

BEST LINE: “Now you’ve got a girl, someone new, and I can’t pretend to just be cool. I can’t be your friend, so this is the end”

Check these songs out and some of Ke$ha’s other music! Next Friday there will be more music 😀

Please comment with any thoughts or music you enjoy!

– N


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