How bout some 2008 Alt-Rock?

Here’s a brief update for y’all. I’m now back at home for three weeks, and for those of you who don’t grasp the subtleties of that half-sentence, IT KIND OF MAJORLY SUCKS.

Now it’s not because of the people, though there haven’t been parties to see them at yet, it’s actually because of something better illustrated in a picture:

It’s all in the downtown, baby.

Also, the measly thing we call a downtown here CLOSES AT TEN. After three months in university, with your weekend nights starting at ten, this is plain torture. After eating half a bag of croutons and some homemade cookies out of frustration/boredom, I settled down with eggnog and started this.

Today I wanted to go back to 2008 and share two really good albums/songs. The first is by one of the first alternative bands I started listening to, thanks to a friend in Grade Nine, called The Academy Is…. The second song is by a much less-known band called Holiday Parade, that is near impossible to find anywhere to listen to for free, but is on Piratebay if you’re interested in listening to them. I think it’s particularly relevant to my frustrations about my town today, not because they’re like depressing or aggressive or anything, but because these were the songs I listened to when I was actually enjoying Carleton Place (years ago). Back when I was naive and excited and in love and all that.

The Academy Is… – About A Girl

Having watched the video just now, I would suggest you just multitask and not actually watch it. It doesn’t do the song justice! I’ve loved this song for a while, it’s so catchy. It doesn’t really have any meaning to it, but it’s one I’ve always enjoyed belting out once I got my license. There album (fast times at barrington high) was their last, and in my mind, their best. Check out other ones like Beware, Cougar and His Girl Friday!

Holiday Parade: Crimson Red

I discovered this band much more recently, and truthfully I don’t even remember how. If you listen to both bands, they sound really similar, and I love the style of music they sing, with choruses you can sing along with so easily. This one’s pretty cute if you listen to the lyrics, and Holiday Parade is still together, though pretty unknown still. Pretty much just this song’s EP is available online, you can’t find much else.

Also, you should really check out Taylor Swift‘s new video, I Knew You Were TroubleIt’s not VEVO yet but it’s a really mature one for her; she just continues to exceed my expectations!

Since I’ve used a sixth of my data for the month writing this, we’ll keep it short. Off to sleep early in good ‘ole Carleton Place. 😐

– N


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